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Board Address
All correspondence and requests for information or application forms should be addressed to:

North Carolina Board of Examiners
for Engineers and Surveyors
4601 Six Forks Rd., Suite 310
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

Telephone Number (919) 791-2000
Fax Number (919) 670-3606

Contacts and Email Addresses

Andrew L. Ritter, Executive Director

Nicole Scarborough, Director of Administration

David S. Tuttle, Board Counsel

Mark D. Mazanek, Director of Business Licensure & Compliance

David J. Evans, Assistant Executive Director

Cora Houston - Assistant to the Executive Director and Board Counsel

William P. Casey, Board Investigator

Cathy W. Nicholson, Board Investigator

Clyde Alston, Board Investigator

Tina Curran, Board Investigator

Martha Michalowski, Continuing Professional Competency / Investigations Administration

Laura Parham, Engineering, Surveying Applications and Certifications

Stephanie Bryant, Administrative Assistant

Chimene Link, Renewals

Dawn Taylor, Administrative Assistant